2018 Moonlight Regatta Results

Congratulation’s to the 2018 Moonlight Regatta winner and finishers who made it to marker 1. 1st In The Wind / Robert Rogers, 2nd Panache / Butch Dorey, 3rd Serendipity / Mike Busher & 4th Williwaw / Bill Dolan. http://bit.ly/18Racing
The storm passed over for the start with good winds to marker 6. After rounding the marker 6 going back to marker 1 the winds started to fade to put it lightly. Then with the finish in sight the winds picked up again. Unfortunately for most of the competitors the long spell of light wind forced them to retire from the race before the wind came back. The sunset was beautiful, and the full moon came out, great night to be on the water. 

Garrett Geiger Co-Captain Racing

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2tvwsz7